Tim Brown aka (archd3, archdelux, tiny tim, TB, tuberculosis, rin tin Tim, losserboy, Flubber)
AGE: 18
DOB: Sep.24.1981
ICQ: 688662
AIM: ArchD3
Clemson, SC -- sometimes you can find me at home in good ol' G'town, MD
Favorite things::
raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (couldn't help myself)--blue, pasta (lasgna), warm weather, monkeys, bananas, monkeys with bananas, Starbucks' Frappuccinos, Pez dispensers, Speedy Gonzales, threatening to shave my head--until I found out that I have a big forehead (ask if you want), being home, HOME-COOKED MEALS, private bathrooms in which you can walk bare-footed, fiddling with web pages, Washington Redskins, comfortable clothes, having fun, music (just about all types--we limit polka in these parts), and movies
cooked vegetables, seafood, Harcombe Dining Hall, school, extreme weather (unless there's a lot of snow), football teams that love to give away the game at the end (Clemson Tigers)
movie theaters, my dorm room, in front of a computer, Bowl America, 9th floor of Lever Hall, on the rooftop of Jordan Hall
When I Grow Up...
I want to get a steady job in the computer industry (if those exist)...at this point, making web pages
Favorite saying: coolness